Natural Hacks to Beat a Bad Hair Day.

Extreme climatic conditions, stress and hormonal changes contribute to your hair care woes. Bad hair days can be frustrating, especially for women as it’s difficult to style your tresses the way you want. Waking up with unruly hair is an absolute nightmare. We all have been through those tough moments.

We have listed down some of the very best tips on beating bad hair days. Following these simple and quick methods, you can turn bad hair days into, stylish days, with far less effort than you think.


Embrace your bad hair day by transforming your mane into a bohemian braided look. Braids work on any type of hair. If your hair is dry and frizzy, incorporate different styles of braids to fend off that electrocuted look.

Get a great haircut.

In order to avoid a bad hair day, get the very best haircut you can afford. A versatile haircut can determine how easy your hair will be to style.

Buns, pony tails and turbans.

There are days where we just put our hair back into a pony tail or bun. If the humidity is wreaking havoc on your natural hair, go for a bun or messy hair up-do. If you need a glamorous fix, try a fancy clip on your ponytail or bun. If you’re having a really bad hair day, remember that turbans can save your day.

Change your part.

You can beat a bad hair day with super simple manoeuvres. If you usually part your hair on one side, switch sides. Chances are that it has more volume and you may also find that part easy to work with.

Chill out.

When your body’s under stress, a hormone called cortisone is produced. It turns out, these elevated cortisol levels can actually cause hair to appear dry, dull and brittle. So try to keep your mind as healthy as your body by meditating, unwinding and giving yourself a break.

Use a moisturizing & frizz free hair serum.

Kumarika Hair Serum is your go-to fix for dry, rough and fizzy hair. It is infused with a blend of Jojoba and Lavender which revive and perfect your unruly hair instantly giving back the lost moisture to each hair strand. The hair serum can be used daily on dry or wet hair. Avoid applying to the scalp.