Wedding hair ‘dos’

Your wedding is probably the most memorable day of your life! But your dream wedding can turn in to a nightmare if one of the key elements that makes a bride dazzling is not properly taken care of – her hair!

So we thought of making your life (and wedding, of course) a little less hassle-free by coming up with a few dos for your wedding hair.

Wedding hair dos

1. Visit a reputed hair-stylist

A lot of brides mess-up their wedding memories by choosing to go for an inexpensive option. Still, make sure you’re not skimping on quality! Always check the reviews of the stylists you’re considering, and ask your friends if they know anyone with first-hand experience.

2. Do have a trial

Be open and speak to your stylist about your opinion, the colour of your wedding dress and anything else that you feel important for him/her to come up with the best hair-styling option for you. But please do try it out beforehand. Play it safe and avoid any unpleasant surprises on your big day!

3. Be 'teach-able'

Be open to ideas given by your hair-stylist, even though by now you will have a pretty good idea on how you would like to look at your wedding. The hair-stylist is much more experienced, but do get them to give you 2-3 options before zeroing in on a particular style.

4. Take a friend with you for the trial and take pictures

Your friend can take a few snapshots of how your hair will look. This is also important for your hair-stylist who will have many clients. So for them to remember how exactly your hair needs to be done is very important.

5. Do use reliable hair-care products

Good hair care products don’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. Try using the Kumarika range of hair care products before and after the wedding to keep your hair dazzling and healthy!

Now that you have an idea on some important ‘Dos’. Our next article is on some important wedding hair don’ts! ‘Don’t’ miss it!