Wedding hair don’ts

We hope you have read our earlier piece on Wedding hair dos.

Your wedding is a day where you look forward to saying “I do”. But here are some basic yet important wedding hair don’ts that can make or break your wedding day!

Wedding hair don’ts

1. Don't always go to your regular hairdresser/stylist

Just because your regular hair stylist might know how to trim your hair doesn’t automatically make them the best choice to style your hair at the wedding. Choose a wedding specialist!

2. Don't think your stylist can read your mind

When you go to meet your wedding stylist please talk, bring new ideas, show them pictures of how you want to look at your wedding. Remember, you may have a clear idea of what you want in your mind, but your hair-stylist doesn’t!

3. Don’t change colour…completely

Think about it. These pictures might be around for quite a while if not for a lifetime. So is the blondie look or bright purple hair going to look good 5 years down the line when you look at your wedding picture hanging on your living room wall? Highlights might look good. But a totally different hair colour might not always come off!

4. A bath on your wedding day? Not always a great idea

Don’t wash your hair on the morning of your wedding especially if you’re planning on wearing it up, as it will be too slippery to style and won’t retain any height. Hair needs to be a day old hence taking a bath at least a day earlier is recommended.

And while you are at it, please do use a reliable shampoo. Try out the Kumarika range of shampoos specially formulated to make your hair healthy and shiny and above all manageable on your wedding day!