Tips to get rid of Frizzy Hair!

Tired of having unmanageable, uncontrollable frizzy hair? Here are some awesome tips to help you get rid of it!

1. Eggs are not just for eating

Not only are they a delicious breakfast meal, eggs are also a great source of nourishment and shine for your hair. Just whip one egg into lukewarm water, and gently massage into hair. Rinse it off with warm water without shampoo, then condition with Kumarika Soft & Shine conditioner to add moisture and reduce dryness in your hair.

2. Avoid blow drying frequently

Blow drying frequently or for too long can increase the chances of drying out the natural oils in your hair and may cause some strands to shrink.

3. Brush to detangle

Neglecting to brush your hair often could be a possible reason for Frizzy hair. Brushing frequently means that the natural oil in your hair gets spread over the individual hair strands and helps to moisturize them.

4. Always take an umbrella when heading out!

Did you know that both sunlight & extremely cold weather could result in frizzy hair? Remember to keep your hair protected next time you decide to head out in extreme weather conditions.

5. Revive your hair with Kumarika Moisturizing & Frizz free Hair Serum!

The Jojoba Oil (which protects hair from breakage & drying up) and Lavender Oil (which nourishes & adds moisture) infused in Kumarika Moisturizing and Frizz Free Hair Serum makes it a quick and easy way to perfect your unruly hair, instantly giving back the lost moisture to each hair strand.

6. A silky smooth sleep

100% silk-based pillow cases could actually help ease out your frizzy hair situation! The cooling effect of these pillowcases reduces sweating in the night and helps make your hair visibly smoother and shinier in the morning.