How to avoid premature greying of your hair.

Melanin, is the pigment that gives your hair its natural colour. When the melanocyte activity slows down with age and the body gradually stops producing melanin, your hair turns into different shades of grey.

Premature greying of hair has become an important concern to thousands of people, men and women alike. Even though this is a natural process, you don’t have to hit your 40s to get silver strands, teens and 2- year-olds too can become victims of grey hair. Due to heredity, hormonal fluctuations, poor nutrition, smoking, stress and the use of certain hair products your mane can turn grey sooner than you think.

We have listed down 5 simple methods to prevent premature greying of hair.

1) Increase your Vitamin B12 intake.

Vitamin B12 is considered an essential vitamin to invigorate melanocytes cells that are responsible for hair pigmentation. A deficiency of Vitamin B12 tends to accelerate the hair greying process. You can increase your vitamin B12 level with the right foods and supplements such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, start your day with a cereal fortified with vitamin B-1 grains.

2) Adapt a stress-free lifestyle

Studies reveal that if a person is predisposed to having grey hair, stress will make it appear soon. There’s ample evidence to prove that stress may shorten the duration of your hair’s cycles, which would accelerate the spread of grey. Find your work-life balance and take frequent breathers to keep your stress levels in check. This will certainly help prevent a variety of other stress-related health problems as well.

3) Quit smoking

Prolonged smoking adversely affects the melanin production, increasing the ageing of your hair. Try quitting smoking as it can do wonders for both hair and skin. After cutting down a few cigarettes a day, you may experience an increased blood flow to your hair follicles, changing the way your hair looks.

4) Use mild hair-care products

Avoid shampoos with strong chemicals as they could affect the production of the pigment. Washing your hair with warm water, use of hair dryers and colours, artificial hair straightening and perming can cause your scalp to be dry. Excess dryness of scalp can increase the greying of your hair. This can be treated by massaging your scalp with natural oils like Kumarika Nourishing Hair Oil at least once or twice a week.

5) Use a home-made hair tonic.

Curry leaves help increase darker pigmentation in your hair. It is also rich in vitamin B which is vital for hair growth. Mix curry leaves with some coconut oil and boil them for a natural tonic that will restore your hair’s elasticity and strength

6) Good Greens.

To a certain extent we can minimize the stimulating factors that cause premature greying of hair. Good food is beneficial for us to strengthen the melanin pigment formation and preserving our hair colour. Amla or Beheth Nelli is one of the richest sources of antioxidant vitamin C. Include the goodness of Indian gooseberry in your diet, to help your hair to grow fast and keep your natural hair colour intact. You also need to make sure that your diet contains fresh greens like spinach, celery, capsicum, cabbage, cucumber, and other green leafy vegetables.